Our Inspiration

LAZY PHEASANT is at home in the countryside but no stranger to an urban environment or a sporting event

Based in South Ayrshire, Scotland amongst the backdrop of the Carrick Hills and the rugged coastline of the west coast, provides much of the inspiration for Lazy Pheasant. Surrounded by farmland and a working estate, there's plentiful pheasants gracing the fields & woodland and it's hard not to be impressed by their elegant and majestic presence.

Our passion for the countryside and rugby is part of who we are - and our products reflect this! Whether it’s our signature rugby ball cushion or our funky cushion ranges  - the Saltire Smash, St. George Bosh and Try Colour.

Our unique style also has a nod towards the urban environments of Edinburgh, Paris and New York, each with its own unique characteristics and style.  The historic architecture of Edinburgh and Paris and the New York loft style, it’s hard not to be influenced by the city vibes.

The traditional countryside mixed with city vibes, captures the flair and spirit of LAZY PHEASANT.  Mashing up country styles with bold contemporary designs bringing the traditional into the 21st Century.