Yorkshire Woollen Mills - Traditional Manufacturing in the UK

Yorkshire Woollen Mills - Traditional Manufacturing in the UK

Abraham Moon & Sons has a rich history dating back to 1837 - the year in which Queen Victoria succeeded to the British throne.

Queen Victoria PortraitWool MillWool Mill

They are one of the only few remaining fully vertical mills in the United Kingdom, among a select few who continue to complete all processes from a single site. The term "vertical" is a throwback to the Victorian era when mills would rise several stories - each floor containing separate parts of the manufacturing process. Today it remains a unique part of the authenticity, as each stage of production is controlled. 

The finest quality raw wool is used to produce the finest quality cloth and accessories in an ethical manner reflecting their heritage and craftmanship. Raw wool is delivered to the site in Guiseley, Yorkshire. The Merino Lambswool is predominantly from South Africa and the Shetland quality Pure New Wool is from New Zealand. Wool growers in these countries were chosen not only for their world-renowned premium quality fibers, but also for their commitment to sustainability.

Merino SheepMerino WoolDyed Wool

The wool is dyed in over 500 different shades and colours and the Dye House contains a Library of shade standards and recipes to ensure continuity of each colour. A precise combination of dye, pressure, temperature and time is kept a close secret to ensure Moon's colour palette remains theirs alone. The secret to creating beautifully rich colour is in the blend. Up to seven different coloured wools can go into the recipe of each yarn to create the finished colour. If a check design includes five different colours, and each colour has seven different shades in the yarn, the eye is picking up thirty-seven different colours in the finished pattern. 

Their design and pattern books date back to the early 1900's, with designers and customers alike still drawing great inspiration from the archives. Their client list is also a source of envy, with Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Paul Smith among many others.

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